Week Twelve: Every Minute


This week was our final full week in Guatemala. I keep pinching myself. Is that really the date? These last three months here have ew by, full of exploration and creative partnerships and the great struggle of getting my brain to switch over from English to Spanish. I find the final week before a move is always the hardest time to remain fully present. To remain whole-heartedly engaged in this place, to keep my eyes open and learning, to engage deeper in relationships with those I’ve been working with and friends I’ve made here. Preparations for our cross-country move, for the launch of Ara Collective’s online shop and getting our dog back into the US creep into my thoughts, task lists and time.

And yet, this week has been a rich time of visiting artisan partners and seeing their children, homes and extraordinary craftsmanship in person. These “last minute trips” have been sweet times of building relationships and investing in the future together. The kind of thing that doesn’t dissolve when I move 2,500 miles up north.

This week has allowed me to dive a little deeper into the beautiful Mayan weaving culture of Guatemala, get to laugh with some really courageous and innovative women and to venture a little further into the mountains of this “Land of Trees”. And so, as I pack up the studio this weekend and ship o the last of Collection One inventory, I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness. Every last minute counts.