Change your textiles, Transform a room (Aired on KXAN)


This week KXAN invited me to their Studio 512 show to share tips on how to transform a room with a simple change of textiles. Sharing three looks in one room, we played with purples and greys (Studio 512’s colors) and mixed and matched textures, designs, and shades. My main tip: There’s no rules when it comes to decorating your home! Do what you love, what’s comfortable, and switch out a few things from time to time to keep things fresh. As Studio 512’s host, Amanda Tatom, said, “Texture adds depth and interest to a room… and just a subtle switch can give a space a whole new feel.”

Thank you, KXAN and Amanda, for having me and making me feel great even when I’m 30 weeks pregnant!

– xo, Sarah