Small Sisal Basket No.03

Small Sisal Basket No.03


A work of art in basket form.  This basket was handwoven in the mountains of Swaziland using sisal, which is typically considered a weed in the area.  But the women use it to create masterpieces. The sisal is striped into tiny “threads” naturally dyed and skillfully twisted into a strong double-ply for a strong but delicate design.  Each basket is an expression of the weaver and their ancestral designs passed down from their mothers and grandmothers. This basket took 20 hours to complete. The exceptional quality and refined craftsmanship is evident.

This basket helps sustain this craft and support ethical employment.

Dimensions:  6.25 x 2”
Material:  100% natural sisal
Origin: Swaziland
Care: Spot clean and allow to dry completely

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