Indigo Inspired Valentines Party


I couldn’t say yes fast enough when Camille, from the fabulous lifestyle blog Camille Styles (, approached me about doing an “Entertaining With” centered around friendship, food, and Ara’s indigo textiles. Those are three of my favorite things! I can’t get enough of indigo right now, from the incredible dyeing process to the deep hues that result to the perfect way it seems to pair with any other color. But, as deep of my love for indigo goes, I’ve actually never thrown a party with it. I’m not much of a pink, red, or purple girl so Valentine’s Day can get overwhelming for me real quick. And, although I’m married to the most dreamy man, he’s eyeball deep in business school right now, which means my girlfriends have become a major support system for me this season. So, combine all that and we have a non-traditional Blue Galentine Party in the most gorgeous shades of indigo and blush. Pop, fizz, clink!


Everything centered around indigo blue. Ara’s naturally dyed pillows and blankets from Guatemala and Mexico were mixed and matched throughout my dining room and rooftop terrace. I love decorating with one color in a variety of shades, designs, and textures. It keeps monochromatic color palettes interesting and cozy. Don’t be afraid to rework the way you’re using your textiles either! I used a pillow case as a placemat under a platter and hung a throw from a dowel for wall decor.


Even though this was girl time, I still wanted wanted the dinner party to have an elegant and romantic feel to it in honor of these sweet ladies. My friend and stylist extraordinaire, Lauren Ramirez (, always pulls everything together beautifully and offered to help me make this dinner party extra special. She made a gorgeous installation for the party, which I just love as wall decor and a romantic touch to the dining room. (Greenery is always a fresh and understated way to decorate a room.) Lauren also helped me embrace my inner girl and pull into blush hues to the flower arrangements, drinks, and food. The blush hues with white and gold accents kept the indigo from getting too dark and manly for my girls party.


For dinner, I made blackened salmon with a mixed greens salad, candied pecans, and lemon-dijon vinaigrette. On the side, I served olives, charcuterie board, fresh baguette, and garlic-goat cheese butter. Gotta soak up all the tasty rosé we were toasting with! You can find the recipes for the salmon salad (, vinaigrette (, and goat cheese butter ( on Camille’s website.


Last but not least, we grabbed some Ara blankets and caught the sunset from my rooftop terrace. I don’t know why but everything under bistro lights is magic. Yummy cupcakes, grapefruit-basil cocktails (, cupcakes, and laughing with my girls was my favorite part of the whole night. I felt incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such extraordinary, bold, and loving women. And to see them wrapped up in Ara Collective, each blanket hand dyed and woven by extraordinary, bold, and loving women thousands of miles away. It meant more than I can say.


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