Guatemala: The New and Familiar


We arrived in Guatemala City as dawn began rising over the city, circling over city lights and majestic volcanoes. River gladly got out of her traveling crate (after her long, sedative-encouraged nap) and in one short ride we arrived on the cobblestone streets of Antigua. We discovered this place almost exactly one year ago and walking its streets again feels familiar, like a kind of home, full of sweet memories of our new marriage, new creative dreams and a place where passion ran into purpose. It’s been a slow unfolding of those creative dreams in the last year and we’ve returned to build on what has begun. Our time here will be short, just a few months, but I’m brimming over with gratefulness for the opportunity to invest more in my existing design collaborations, establish new ones and explore the diversity of beautifully crafted work in tucked away places.

And so the adventure begins.

photo 2.JPG
photo 4.JPG