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Drive up the windy mountain road and through the pine woods and you’ll find the small town of Momostenango in the western highlands of Guatemala. Its citizens are primarily K’iche’ Mayan descents who continue to follow to the ancient Mayan calendar and observe traditional rites. Their world is a beautiful blend of modern-day living and age-old practices.

The cool mountain air has led the artisans of Momostenango to develop the coziest blankets in the country. Thick and incredibly soft woolen blankets, called “chamarras”, are handwoven on pedal looms. One family realized they could make more money from their blankets by selling them at large markets across the country. The Vicente family started to travel – mother, father, and daughters – to these markets. As the demand grew for their quality work and texture, they included more artisans from their town and created this weaving group. Today the group is made up of ten families.


Momostenango, Guatemala

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Every purchase of a product made by Momostenango Weavers helps sustain their craft and support education funds for the artisans’ children.


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