Single Mothers Cooperative

Wandering around the little local markets is one of my favorite things to do when I travel. Going in and out of shops and stalls, touching every textile, trying to communicate in broken Spanish and laughter. Oftentimes, in those tiny markets the seller is the artisan and my questions about the process, materials, and symbols lead to making my first custom order.

When I first wandered into the Single Mothers Cooperative shop at Lake Atitlán, I first noticed their exceptional quality and understanding of color. After talking to Ingrid, a member of the group who was manning the shop that day, I learned they were a group of women whose children had been abandoned by their fathers. They came together to support each other, financially through their weaving and emotionally as the family unit they don’t have. And, let me tell you, these ladies shine like no one else. They are strong, proud women who are providing for their children from the quality and beauty of their handwoven work alone.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

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We are honored to partner with these strong, talented women. Every purchase of a product by the Single Mothers Cooperative helps sustain their craft and provide education for their children.


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